Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Pant Predicament

Carmen in her own words:

So apparently I need a belt. I recently have lost enough weight that NONE of my pants fit correctly. I have had to roll the tops of some of them until I can afford to get pants that are my size (or a whole new wardrobe) but I am saving money till I can go on at least a small shopping spree, so I was hoping to get by on not spending a dime on my apparel till then.

My Son proved me wrong by deciding today was the day to display my hot pink leopard underwear to the entire park and wait in the school's parking lot ... While I was wearing them! 

I will be buying a cheapo Walmart belt tonight!!!!

*Editor's note*

This is not the first incident involving Battle Ax and Carmen's loose pants.

Later that night...

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